Out of This World Luxury: Welcome to Aurora Station

Forget Luxury Retreats, Orion Span has created a luxury hotel that is literally out of this world.

Hotel in Space

Set to launch it’s Aurora Station into orbit in 2021, Orion Span’s first guest experience will take place in 2022.

For the low price of $792,000/day you can take a 12 day orbital cruise around the Earth. Accommodating up to 6 guests at a time, Aurora Station orbits Earth every 90 minutes while remaining 200 miles above the surface. What this means for visitors is that they will get to enjoy 384 sunrises and sunsets in just under a fortnight.

On Aurora Station, you will get to experience the “real astronaut experience” in their holodeck. Live the thrill of zero gravity, grow your own food in space and sit back and enjoy as you witness multiple aurora borealis.

Beyond the Hospitality Industry

At it’s core, Orion Span’s mission is to “build and sustain human communities in space”.

As part of this goal, they’re also offering a rebranded SaaS (“Space as a Service”). Similar to SpaceChain‘s mission of opening up space collaboration to entrepreneurs on Earth, Aurora Station leases its manufacturing capabilities to organizations and 3D printing researchers on Earth. Orion Span believes that space manufacturing is an untapped market for higher quality goods created within a zero gravity environment. In effect, they are positioning themselves as the first space manufacturer offering pay-as-you-go services.

What’s Next?

Despite offering SaaS as a side form of income, the hospitality dimension will remain a big part of the expansion plan. Due to its unique architecture, Aurora Station can be developed and expanded upon dynamically over time. The ultimate goal is to one day offer condos in space for purchase.

Learn more about Orion Span

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