Why You Should Consider Adding Boeing to Your Portfolio

Most people know Boeing for being the second largest weapons supplier in the United States and as the manufacturer of many commercial planes. Here’s what you may have missed.

One Small Step

As part of Trump’s plan to create a “Space Force”, Space is in the midst of becoming the sixth wing of the American armed forces. This means that there will be an exponential amount of funds being given to Space projects in the near-term and only a handful of major players that are eligible for these contracts.

Boeing is a key player. For one, they are the lead contractor for international space station projects. Furthermore, in 2014, Boeing and SpaceX were awarded a contract by NASA with the mandate of creating spacecrafts capable of getting to the international space station. Boeing is scheduled to launch this spacecraft in August 2019.

What’s Next?

Getting to the space station is just the proof of concept.

NASA wants to delegate as much as it can to third parties in order to focus on the more esoteric project of deep space exploration, opening up the commercial space industry like never before. The Boeing’s of the world will now be responsible for taking humans back on the Moon and, one day, Mars too.

In an interview on Bloomberg, CEO Muilenburg proclaimed that “[Boeing] will put the first person on Mars”. While Boeing doesn’t get the kind of attention or glamor associated with SpaceX, what they do have is years of experience delivering projects to completion and being one of the biggest commercial suppliers to the American government.

It will take a lot of capital investment to expand this space echosystem but Boeing is incredibly well positioned to be a top mover in the industry.

Learn more about Boeing: Space


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