Meet SpaceChain: the decentralized space agency

SpaceChain is opening space up to everyone.

Mission statement

Merge blockchain technology and space together to reduce the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on a market that has mostly been limited to states and extra-large cap corporations.

What do they offer?

1.3 million lines of open-source blockchain code and an orbiting satellite later, SpaceChain offers the first ever “spaced-based co-working space”. In the past, deploying an app into space required millions of dollars and required you to be the full-owner of a satellite making it cumbersome and out of reach for most entrepreneurs.

Today, SpaceChain has created multi-tenant capabilities for satellites using it’s blockain-based OS. This means that multiple people could “rent” out space on a single satellite opening up global collaboration capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

What’s next?

Creating the code and launching the spacecraft was only the first step.

Their aim is to create an entire new market. This will require massive buy-in from the business community at large. As a result, they’re now focused on building trust. Opening up their code to the GitHub community, joining the Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Entreprise Ethereum Alliance are all actions taken to reach this aim.

SpaceChain aims to one day have a constellation of satellites and a galactic community of entrepreneurs.

Learn more about SpaceChain


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